You can avoid a surprising number of EHR-related medical malpractice claims by reviewing system capabilities and limitations.

Consider the following when reviewing your EHR system:

  • Ensure the ability to set reminders for healthcare professionals and staff, such as the need for follow-up labs and routine testing, as well as issues to address during future visits
  • Assess the ability to communicate among healthcare professionals and staff
  • Check the process for editing current medication lists
  • Confirm the capability to auto-populate information, such as medical history and problem lists, for future visits; if the EHR system has that capability, learn how to appropriately modify the information
  • Ensure the ability to document telephone calls and nontraditional patient encounters
  • Print the medical record on paper to assess whether auto-populate or default settings should be changed to reflect the healthcare provider’s intent and preferences; consider whether the documentation could allow another provider to understand what was done and why
  • Provide additional training for all users, even if the EHR system has been used for years

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