How do you cook CME? Maybe simmer KOL in a venue sauce and add enduring material to taste? And how do you select your ingredients? Are you a student of food theory, or do you just feel your way through?

Well, I’m supposed to be scientifically minded, so my pantry is full of evidence-based options. Wait…did I say full? I meant I know these four things:

  1. Live activities are more savory than print
  2. You’ll make a better soup with multi-media
  3. Multiple tastes are preferred to just one
  4. Case-based discussions are the most important seasoning

According to Marinopolous et al, that’s all we’ve got to work with. When you don’t know who’s coming to dinner, how hungry they are, or any of their possible dietary restrictions, you’ve got to make CME magic using only these four things. That’s pretty bleak.

Why don’t we know more? Too few studies with no standardization and very little reliability or validity data to support findings. Us outcome experts may all be wearing toques but apparently only to make french fries.

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