Nursing education has never been more important.

Support your nursing staff with risk management and patient safety video-based courses.

With staffing shortages, a reliance on traveling nurses, and moral injury and compassion fatigue, keeping the team on the same page where risk and patient safety priorities are concerned can be a challenge.

That’s why we developed a series of short and engaging video-based courses that highlight a risk management, patient safety, or quality issue that is directly impacted by nursing care, allowing you the opportunity to:


Deterring Falls

Explore methods to mitigate fall risk, such as assessment pearls and fall prevention. Documentation best practices are included to support the care provided and the prevention measures employed.

Pressure Injury

Pressure injuries are a never event, yet many conditions predispose patients to these potentially devastating injuries. Learn about skin assessment and best-practice methods to reduce the risk of pressure injury development.

Medication Administration Risk Mitigation

Gain understanding about common errors involving the administration of medications and practical evidence-based solutions to promote safety and decrease risk. Specific topics include rights of medication administration, up-to-date, high-alert medication risks, barcode scanning workarounds, and inadequacies in independent double checks.

Ventilator-Associated Events and Restraints

Learn about the most recent guidelines on reducing the risk of ventilator-associated events (VAEs). Topics include risk factors for VAEs, patient management recommendations, and documentation essentials for patients receiving mechanical ventilatory support. Best practices for the use of restraints are also described, as well as documentation essentials for restraint consideration.

Pain Management and Substance Misuse

Inadequate pain relief and rising levels of substance use disorder have far-reaching ramifications. Revised definitions surrounding pain and addiction are discussed, as are screening, assessment, and communication techniques.

Open Notes Documentation

As healthcare embraces a new era of transparency in medical records, knowledge gaps have emerged surrounding privacy and documentation skills. This course reviews the 21st Century Cures Act provisions and provides practical tips to improve the language used within notes.

Behavioral Health in the Hospital and Beyond: Elopement and Suicide Risk

Patients who are hospitalized may have concurrent behavioral health concerns that negatively affect the provision of medical care and patient outcomes. This course reviews the risks surrounding seclusion, suicide, and elopement and outlines recommendations for managing these situations.

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