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3 Insurance Companies
3 Seemingly Similar Needs
3 Different & Successful Approaches

3 Insurance Companies

We worked with 3 different companies who insured 3 different medical practices, each with a similar issue—a high incidence of claims. We helped them by using 3 different approaches.

Here’s what we did:

Insurance Company 1: Large MPL Carrier in the Northeast

Client Needs: This MPL carrier insures a radiology group with a high number of claims related to communication failures in the management of labs and test results.

Med-IQ Approach:

  • Designed and delivered a custom online assessment to gauge physicians’ knowledge of work processes related to labs and test results; the assessments identified key gaps in physicians’ understanding and gathered suggestions to improve processes

  • Matched the specific gaps we identified with our industry-leading library of more than 800 case-based courses to deliver education to fit their unique needs

  • Created a custom specialty-specific e-classroom curriculum for radiologists consisting of the following CME modules written by our faculty of MD/JDs:

    • Radiology: Communicating Laboratory Test Results

    • Risk and Safety Issues in Radiology X

Outcome: Client reported improvement in understanding and higher compliance to internal policies and procedures.

Insurance Company 2: Midwest-Based MPL Carrier

Client Needs: This MPL carrier insures a hospital with a cardiologist whose behavior resulted in multiple claims related to disclosure.

Med-IQ Approach:

  • Provided a custom assessment focused on isolating specific knowledge gaps by the individual provider regarding protected health information (PHI)

  • Developed and delivered a custom e-learning module with content paired to the issues uncovered through the assessment; the course was titled, PHI: Social Media, Appropriate Access and Digital Distractions

  • Delivered a custom outcomes report that contained learner performance on the policy-based assessment and post-activity evaluation feedback, including the learner’s intent to modify behavior

Outcome: A clear action plan for a peer review committee was executed in a timely and supportive manner. The individual physician hasn’t had a claim since completing the course.

Insurance Company 3: MPL Carrier with Nationwide Footprint, Specializing in ED & Urgent Care

Client Needs: This MPL carrier insures multi-specialty groups, including emergency departments and urgent/ambulatory care centers with a high number of claims related to incidental findings involving communication and transitions of care.

Med-IQ Approach:

  • Developed and delivered a custom, multi-specialty, e-learning curriculum containing the following CME modules specific to both the issue and the provider specialties that were involved in related claims:  

    • Incidental Findings (for Emergency Physicians, Primary Care Physicians)

    • Enhancing Care Transitions

    • Test Result Communication

Outcome: 100% of physicians were engaged and participated in the high-priority risk management activities. Physician test scores showed improved knowledge of key issues related to their claims history. Learner satisfaction was more than 87% because of the targeted, relevant, case-based content.

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