December 2, 2014—According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among men and women. Approximately 85% to 90% of lung cancers are non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Although numerous treatments for NSCLC have recently emerged, the outcomes for patients with this disease are still poor.

Med-IQ, an award-winning, ACCME-accredited provider of continuing medical education (CME), has released an educational CME series that simulates a real-life clinical scenario focused on first-line treatment and maintenance therapy for patients with advanced NSCLC. Composed of two interactive “Webisodes,” this series provides oncologists with the education needed to select and implement personalized treatment regimens for their patients with advanced NSCLC.

Case Explorations in Advanced Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Clinical Cliffhangers Series is designed to enhance the health of patients with NSCLC by illustrating strategies for incorporating updated clinical guidelines that address tumor characterization, biomarker analysis, and the use of maintenance therapy. Oncologists and oncology nurses who watch these two 45-minute interactive, Web-based modules will follow a patient through various diagnoses, follow-up care, and changes to the treatment regimen.

Webisode 1: Personalized Therapy in the First-Line Setting

Webisode 2: Maintenance Therapy—Who, When, and What?

“Throughout both Webisodes, participants can consider a variety of clinical decisions at different stages of the disease,” said Mark A. Socinski, MD, Professor of Medicine and Thoracic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. “This activity will help oncology clinicians apply current evidence when managing their patients with NSCLC.”


Mark A. Socinski, MD
Professor of Medicine and Thoracic Surgery
Director, Lung Cancer Section, Division of Hematology/Oncology
Clinical Associate Director, Lung SPORE
Co-Director, UPMC Lung Cancer Center of Excellence
Co-Director, Lung and Thoracic Malignancies Program
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA


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