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Since 2009, Med-IQ has been published 31 times in peer-reviewed journals.


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Pain Management

Reid MC, O’Neil KW, Dancy JN, Berry CA, Stowell SA. Pain management in long-term care communities: a quality improvement initiative. Ann Long-Term Care. 2015;23:29-35.

Bekanich SJ, Wanner N, Junkins S, Mahoney K, Kahn KA, Berry CA, Stowell SA, Gardner AJ. A multifaceted initiative to improve clinician awareness of pain management disparities. Am J Med Qual. 2014;29:388-396.


Triesman GJ, Jayaram G, Margolis RL, Pearlson GD, Schmidt CW, Mihelish GL, Kennedy A, Howson A, Rasulnia M, Misiuta IE. Looking forward: perspectives on the use of ehealth in the management of patients with schizophrenia. J Nerv Ment Dis. 2016;204:620-629.

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Primary Care

Andolsek K, Rosenberg MT, Abdolrasulnia M, Stowell SA, Gardner AJ. Complex cases in primary care: report of a CME-certified series addressing patients with multiple comorbidities. Int J Clin Prac. 2013;67:911-917.


Cohen BA, Thrower BW, Berry CA, Stowell SA, Mencia WA, Karcher RB. Enhancing the quality of care for patients with multiple sclerosis through performance improvement CME. Neurol Clin Prac. 2013;3:240-248.

White Papers

Emerging evidence surrounding how practices improved following Med-IQ’s educational activities.