AAMC Integrating Quality

Oral Presentation

*Improving Acute Coronary Syndromes Management: A Hospital-Specific, CME/CE-Certified Quality Improvement Initiative (2012)

Poster Presentation

A Study to Address Provider Disparities in the Treatment of Chronic Pain (2011)

Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEhp)

The Secrets to Success: Key Strategies to Successfully Implementing Relevant, Rural Clinical Education (2018)

Outcomes a la Carte (2018)

*Understanding the New Era of Empowered, Engaged e-Patients Post-Keynote Panel (2018)

*Getting Out of the Comfort Zone: Breaking the Silo Mentality to Address Real World Needs (2018)

Incorporating the Patient Voice into Educational Design: Case Studies and Insights from the Field (2018)

Facilitating Patient-Provider Understanding in Today’s Busy Practice (2018)


Closing Plenary: Taking Action – How the Conference Will Change My Workplace (2018)

*Beyond the Electronic Health Record: Expanding the Reach of Quality Improvement Education (2017)

*Location, Location, Location: Designing CE to Address Real-Time Healthcare Needs (2017)

*Quality Improvement without Borders: A Case Study for Developing Collaborative, Cross-Country Programs (2016)

The Value of Maintenance of Certification as a Key Component of Performance Improvement CME (2012)

Oral Presentations

*Integrating PI and QI CME into Daily Practice (2014)

One Size Does Not Fit All—The Brave New World of Personalized Education (2014)

*Incorporating In-Practice Research Methodologies Into QI Initiatives (2013)

Advancing CE Through Innovation (Batteries Not Included) (2013)

Belt-Tightening and Thriving in the New CME/CPE Paradigm (2013)

Evaluating the Methodology and Value of Patient Outcomes in the Design, Implementation, and Outcome of CME Initiatives [Panel Discussion] (2013)

What Can Managed Care Claims Data Tell Us About CME Effectiveness? (2012)

Listening to the Patient’s Voice: What We Can Learn? (2012)

*Using In-Practice Research as a Framework for Quality Improvement Education (2012)

*Engineering Successful Systems-Based Quality Improvement (QI) Activities (2012)

The Value of Maintenance of Certification as a Key Component of Performance Improvement CME (2012)

Health Disparities: The CME Leadership Imperative (2011)

Poster Presentations

*Improving Hepatitis C Testing in the Primary Care Setting: A Demonstration in Success (2015)

*Evaluating the Impact of Performance Improvement Strategies on Participant Practice Patterns in Type 2 Diabetes Care (2014)

Finding Common Ground in the Use of Insulin Pens: A Patient-Provider Exchange of Barriers and Solutions (2014)

*Performance Improvement Strategies in Clinical Depression: Tools for Achieving Adherence to Therapy (2014)

*Evaluating the Impact of Performance Improvement Initiatives on Type 2 Diabetes Patient Care (2013)

Anticoagulant Therapies in the Prevention and Treatment of Arterial and Venous Thromboembolism: An Educational Needs Assessment (2011)

Alliance of Chicago User Conference

*A Quality Improvement Project to Increase Universal HIV Testing in Community Health Centers: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities (2016)

Center for Business Intelligence

Oral Presentations

Developing a Grant Strategy (2018)

Models for Patient Engagement – A 360 Approach (2018)


*Scaling Quality—The Hepatitis C Screening Project (2015)

Why We Matter (2014)

*Provider Perspective on Quality Improvement in Medical Education (2013)

Financial Feasibility of Outcomes (2011)


The Endocrine Society

Oral Presentation

*Improving Patient Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes Using Effective Clinician Education (2012)

Poster Presentation

*Improving Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education

Oral Presentations

*Scaling Quality—The Hepatitis C Screening Project (2015)

*Aviation and Healthcare: A Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Activity to Minimize Post-Surgical Complications (2011)

National Rural Health Association

*Tackling the Infectious Disease Risk of the Opioid Epidemic (2017)

Mid-Atlantic Alliance for CME (MAACME)

Oral Presentation

Outcomes à la carte (2016 Annual Meeting)

BeaconLive CME & Healthcare Webinar Series

American Association for the Study of Liver Disease

*Eliminating HCV is Personal: An Educational Initiative to Improve Testing in the Era of Big Data (2018)

*A Performance-Focused Education Program to Improve HBV Screening and Testing in the Primary Care Setting (2018)

Infectious Disease Week

Best Practices in HIV PrEP Care (2018)

* Denotes presentations for a quality improvement initiative.