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The Med-IQ team is frequently asked to share data and best practices from our award-winning educational activities and outcomes research at industry meetings and conferences.

AAMC Integrating Quality

Oral Presentation
Improving Acute Coronary Syndromes Management: A Hospital-Specific, CME/CE-Certified Quality Improvement Initiative (2012)

Poster Presentation
A Study to Address Provider Disparities in the Treatment of Chronic Pain (2011)

Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEhp)

Oral Presentations
Integrating PI and QI CME into Daily Practice (2014)

One Size Does Not Fit All—The Brave New World of Personalized Education (2014)

Incorporating In-Practice Research Methodologies Into QI Initiatives (2013)

Advancing CE Through Innovation (Batteries Not Included) (2013)

Belt-Tightening and Thriving in the New CME/CPE Paradigm (2013)

Evaluating the Methodology and Value of Patient Outcomes in the Design, Implementation, and Outcome of CME Initiatives [Panel Discussion] (2013)

What Can Managed Care Claims Data Tell Us About CME Effectiveness? (2012)

Listening to the Patient’s Voice: What We Can Learn? (2012)

Using In-Practice Research as a Framework for Quality Improvement Education (2012)

Engineering Successful Systems-Based Quality Improvement (QI) Activities (2012)

The Value of Maintenance of Certification as a Key Component of Performance Improvement CME (2012)

Health Disparities: The CME Leadership Imperative (2011)

Poster Presentations
Improving Hepatitis C Testing in the Primary Care Setting: A Demonstration in Success (2015)

Evaluating the Impact of Performance Improvement Strategies on Participant Practice Patterns in Type 2 Diabetes Care (2014)

Finding Common Ground in the Use of Insulin Pens: A Patient-Provider Exchange of Barriers and Solutions (2014)

Performance Improvement Strategies in Clinical Depression: Tools for Achieving Adherence to Therapy (2014)

Evaluating the Impact of Performance Improvement Initiatives on Type 2 Diabetes Patient Care (2013)

Anticoagulant Therapies in the Prevention and Treatment of Arterial and Venous Thromboembolism: An Educational Needs Assessment (2011)

Center for Business Intelligence

Oral Presentations
Why We Matter (2014)

Provider Perspective on Quality Improvement in Medical Education (2013)

Financial Feasibility of Outcomes (2011)

The Endocrine Society

Oral Presentation
Improving Patient Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes Using Effective Clinician Education (2012)

Poster Presentation
Improving Comprehensive Diabetes Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities: Lessons from a Quality Improvement Initiative (2012)

Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education

Oral Presentations
Scaling Quality—The Hepatitis C Screening Project (2015)

Aviation and Healthcare: A Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Activity to Minimize Post-Surgical Complications (2011)