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Our Team

Every activity that we offer reflects the high standards of the professionals on our team. At Med-IQ, we have a full-time, in-house medical content staff with more than 50 years in graduate/post-graduate scientific research and over 45 years in continuing medical education (CME) who collaborates with leading faculty members and subject matter experts from the United States and from many other countries. In fact, 93% of our activity faculty and 96% of our activity faculty chairs have contributed to guidelines and published literature in their fields of expertise. This means that every activity that we offer reflects the high standards of our experienced team and delivers the superb education that you expect. In fact, Med-IQ is the first CME company to have a team member serve as a faculty facilitator at an ACCME Bridge to Quality Accreditation workshop. In addition, in the 40-year history of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions, Med-IQ will become the first CME company to have a team member selected to chair the annual meeting (2017).

Our team is committed to the medical and education community and maintains active memberships in the Almanac Advisory Board, Physicians Curriculum Subcommittee, American Geriatrics Society, American Medical Writers Association, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Alliance for Continuing Medical Education, MedBiquitous, and North American Association of Medical Communication and Education Companies. Med-IQ has also collaborated with best-in-class health organizations, including the Duke University School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medicine, The American College of Cardiology, The Endocrine Society, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, The University of Virginia School of Medicine, and Joint Commission Resources—to name a few. In fact, we have relationships with and work closely with more than 50 best-in-class healthcare organizations.