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Individualized Interventions to Overcome Practical Challenges in MS: Frontline Perspectives and Expert Recommendations

Faculty: Brant J. Oliver, PhD, NP, MSN, MPH, MSCN
Format: E-Publication
Credits for: Physicians, Nurses
Duration: 1 hour
Course Description: This online publication explores the latest advances in caring for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), including starting treatment with disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) early in...

MS Management Q&A

Course Description: These e-briefs are intended to improve participants’ ability to identify diagnostic criteria for MS, explain the rationale for early and ongoing MS treatment, identify common causes...

Note: This material is not CME certified and, therefore, does not offer any CME/CE credit.

Expert Perspectives: Addressing Frontline Practice Challenges in the Management of PD

Faculty: Claire Henchcliffe, MD, DPhil, Joseph Friedman, MD
Format: E-Publication
Credits for: Physicians
Duration: 15 minutes
Course Description: This CME-certified online publication explores the latest evidence and expert guidance for the management of patients with Parkinson disease (PD) through a discussion of select...

Practical Strategies for Treating Multiple Sclerosis in the Federal Healthcare Setting

Faculty: Michelle Fabian, MD, Michael Carrithers, MD, PhD
Format: Print Publication
Credits for: Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists
Duration: 1 hour
Course Description: This 16-page supplement to U.S. Medicine discusses the treatment and management of multiple sclerosis (MS) within the federal healthcare system. The activity also provides...

Patient-Centered Care for Multiple Sclerosis: Exploring the Science, the Evidence, and the Patient Experience

Faculty: Stephen Krieger, MD, Carrie Sammarco, DrNP, FNP-C, MSCN
Format: E-Publication
Credits for: Physicians, Nurses
Duration: 1 Hour
Course Description: This online CME/CE activity provides clinicians with an opportunity to hear the perspectives of patients with MS at various stages of the disease. The overall goal is to provide these...

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