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How Do We Do It

Med-IQ is tuned in to the frontline perspective of the healthcare community. We maintain regular contact with nearly 30,000 physicians and healthcare professionals from all specialties who help make our content development even more effective.

We identify practice gaps and validate overall program direction through:

  • Surveys of the target audience through pre-activity e-mail/telephone questionnaires
  • Interviews with faculty and other experts
  • Live, in-practice research

To further assess educational needs, we:

  • Stay up on current medical and regulatory news
  • Carefully read peer-reviewed scientific literature
  • Review clinical trial results, and clinical, and specialty society guidelines

Based on our findings, we set measurable objectives geared to your specialty or area of practice.

Finally, we conduct meaningful measurement of the program’s impact through:

  • Pre- and immediate post-activity surveys
  • 30- to 60-days post-activity surveys
  • Overall program evaluation
  • Use of control groups in sophisticated study designs

The ultimate result is improved professional competency and patient care.

What Your Colleagues Say About Med-IQ

"A surprisingly good program….[It’s] much easier to concentrate on my own computer than in a big lecture hall. You guys did a marvelous job putting the program together. Thanks to everyone."

"…on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the greatest, I would say Med-IQ is all 5's."

"It amazes me that such a good resource can be completely free!"

"…is it possible to receive a CD of this outstanding Web cast? … I would like to share it with others in our clinic."