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Decision-IQ: Assessing Risk and Preventing Tumor Lysis Syndrome

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Format: Decision-IQ

Maximum Credits: 0.25

Course Description: This brief case-based, digital CME activity incorporates current evidence-based prophylaxis algorithms to assess the risk of tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) in a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) undergoing anticancer therapy. Links to relevant literature and expert insights are provided to help clinicians prevent and manage TLS.

Raising the Bar in NHL Through the Provision of Shared Decision Making

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Format: E-Publication

Maximum Credits: 0.5

Course Description: This 30-minute, interactive digital publication interweaves clinical patient cases as well as patient, caregiver, and clinician insights from national surveys to examine the role of shared decision making in non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Evidence-based guideline recommendations for managing patients with follicular lymphoma and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, as well as…More

The Rapidly Evolving Role of Biosimilars: Educating Specialists and Facilitating Shared Decision Making With Patients

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Format: E-Publication

Maximum Credits: 0.75

Course Description: This accredited CME publication describes biosimilars and how they compare with their originator products, reviews FDA guidance on the biosimilar approval process, and discusses key issues for prescribers. In addition, brief clinical case vignettes present examples of how biosimilars may appear in practice.